Lutzky Associates Development, L.P. ("Lutzky Associates") is a full service real estate company offering comprehensive development, acquisition and management services. The principal of Lutzky Associates, Richard Lutzky, saw an OPPORTUNITY created by the industry trend toward consolidation, merger, and public financing resulting in the formation of extremely large companies. As an alternative, Lutzky Associates offers highly individualized service, vigorous attention to detail and a level of experience unique to the industry.

The Lutzky Associates team possesses over 27 years of diverse and in-depth real estate EXPERIENCE. They have lived through multiple real estate cycles and have gained a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the real estate development, acquisitions, and management processes. Lutzky Associates utilizes this experience, combined with a hands-on business philosophy, to protect its clients and partners interests and consistently produce projects on-time, on-budget.

Richard Lutzky is a native Southern Californian. He has developed and managed over 6.5 million square feet of commercial real estate in Southern California and understands the dynamics of Southern California's diverse sub-markets. Over the years, he has developed hundred of contacts in the brokerage, design, and construction fields and within numerous municipalities and county agencies. Through intimate LOCAL MARKET KNOWLEDGE AND CONTACTS, Lutzky Associates provides invaluable information and access to expedite and insure the success of their projects.

Lutzky Associates provides a full scope of real estate SERVICES including: site selection, due diligence investigations, design supervision, value engineering, entitlement coordination, budgeting, scheduling, financing assistance, construction management, contract administration, marketing and asset management. Whether your project is an existing acquisition or a new development, Lutzky Associates provides all the necessary services to see your project to successful completion.

Lutzky Associates takes each project personally. They strive to thoroughly understand the goals and objectives of their clients and partners and then proceed with unwavering determination. Lutzky Associates treats every expenditure as if it was their own money and maximizes value for every dollar spent. Through their diligent practices and uncompromising ethics, Lutzky Associates builds long term RELATIONSHIPS based upon trust and creates an atmosphere where their clients feel that Lutzky Associates is their personal, in-house real estate department.

Lutzky Associates operates on the basis that its reputation is on the line with each project. They aggressively pursue the resolution of issues and are always concerned to verify that details are properly addressed. They are not afraid to challenge positions or rethink strategies when appropriate and necessary. The company is flexible in its approach, understanding that each project is unique, yet is unwavering in its diligence. They will invest whatever time and resources necessary to achieve goals and objectives and maximize investment returns. Lutzky Associates makes a COMMITMENT to every project and tenaciously pursues the interests of their clients and partners.

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